Here at Sunwise Farm and Sanctuary we have hundreds of birds. they are distracting at times. Like on a dusk walk if we see a big bird, we know it is the owl. I thought for my 5th Annual Open Studio I would make a coloring book about a few birds you may see while you are here.

©Kathleen O’Brien, Some Birds You Might See at Sunwise Farm & Sanctuary, coloring book

While you are here seeing lots of art, you might want to walk on our numerous trials to have a walkabout, probably escorted by one of our or neighbor Corgis.

©Kathleen O’Brien,  trail back to the house from Honeysuckle Haven with Corgi

I will be sending updates to our ARTTOUR facebook event page. You will want to find out about the other 11 participating locations’ activities!

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