for my solo show this May at MS Rezny Studio/Gallery, Lesley Patterson-Marx will be my guest artist. Ever since I saw her in a show we were both in – next to each other- at Art of Collage and Assemblage, Halpeth Hall College in Nashville, Tennessee, I have been entranced by her work.

┬ęKathleen O’Brien, with my and Lesley’s work.

Her tiny worlds are made with great care and decision. 

Lesley Patterson-Marx, Flower House, photo KO’B

They are places of warmth where it is easy to reside.

Lesley Patterson-Marx, Homeing Pigeon, photo KO’B

Please stay tuned for more posts about our show. We still need to give it a title and she has sent me some etchings for me to draw on. So I still have lots of work ahead, to add to the drawings started in January.

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