This is the place where you can expand your awareness of being present in the moment so you may utilize ambient energies to fulfill your creative desires and potential.

Whether it’s knowing about cycles, traditional celebrations, cosmic influences, cross-cultural similarities, or finding your place on the medicine wheel; and whether you express what you sense through words, imagery or musical notes, here’s the place to discover useful ideas about the seasons and directions.

This is the time to create a container, an atlas of maps, to manifest your own meaningful rituals, prayers and creative marks. Your maps represent your understanding of your orientation to your stage in life, time and place, whether you are 30 or 70.


mapping the path of your true being


based on the concepts from

Atlas of the Year, Sojourner Maps to Being in the Right Place at the Right Time

with Kathleen O’Brien

WHEN: once a month for one year beginning March 20, 2019. Thereafter you may start at any time, for a year from then.

WHERE: your inbox

HOW: at your own pace add your artistic perspective to your season Journal

WHAT: Receive all four 24-page Atlas of the Year Journals upon registration. Once a month you receive information of upcoming dates of note by email. You may ask questions by email.

INVESTMENT; $190.00, includes four Journals sent to you by USPS, twelve monthly emails, community gathering on my website and extras.

REGISTRATION: begins February 4, 2019

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Each of the four 24-page Atlas of the Year Journals has an overview of the next three months of that season, each month has a collage and drawing and questions for you to ponder. Each has several blank pages for you to write, draw or collage.

Each class email sent on the 20th of the month, will have information about:

A meditation

A different cycle

Main seasonal shifts

Daily events of importance

A suggestion for a relevant activity

Cross-cultural movable feasts of the month

That month’s section from Each Day in the Year of the Firedog (PDF), that’s 30 postcards (60 images) with more about each day. This in itself is worth the class!

Extra bonus PDF’s, like art technique instructions, extensive art examples, Ancestral Celebration ebooks

From these ideas you will be inspired to create your maps in words and pictures.

Much of the information is cyclical, you may use it again year after year, to add to your Atlas. Some information is about movable feasts, so you will discover those dates in following years. For example, equinox dates are different each year.

I have written extensively about the art of Atlas of the Year in blog posts, and the development into the book and journals, see category; “Atlas of the Year”.

A few suggestions to read are:

A sample of the Spring-East Journal:

How time is divided in the Journal:

A bit of background:

A preview of the art of Atlas of the Year at an Open Studio:


“So excited about the Atlas. I was born on March 21st so I’ve just turned 65 and am so blessed to still be alive. The Atlas East Spring explains a lot about me that I’ve always just accepted as being who I am, now I know why. Kathleen you are such an awesome Awakened Woman. Thank you for sharing that with others.”  Brenda Cofer

“I LOVE this! Thank you for including me. I plan to use these questions the rest of the week as I journal and pray first thing each morning. You are a blessing Kathleen.” Dr. Susan Couzens

“Your “Atlas of the Year” is amazing and I am looking forward to each and every season.  I was born on March 18th and always considered myself a Spring personality, but, based on the calendar, I guess I’m really a late, late Winter. As always, your work inspires, your environment soothes and calms and your graciousness and good humor are infectious.” Candace Schweers


Artistically experience the cycles of the season in twelve parts from an expansive cross-cultural awareness. You will discover a new appreciation of the seasons by combining meditation and information, then implementing this through creativity. From this you will find a deep appreciation for the global cycles revered for thousands of years, and more importantly, available to us in the present moment.

On an impulse, I called a dear artist friend. She was frustrated to begin a new phase of work and angry at herself for cleaning her house and closets instead of doing art work.  It was the first day after family visits and her children leaving for college. I mentioned that it seemed to be a perfect activity, for the occasion – end of a cycle, beginning a new one – and for the season – autumn, in preparation for winter. After elevating cleaning to a spiritual practice, by imbuing it with intentions to clear out old stagnant energy, she could once again envision her productivity the next day in her studio.

She was in the right place at the right time, because she was in harmony with the moment.

This class and journals are intended as a practical guide to serve your need to use your precious energy efficiently, in ways that express your unique gifts that are needed in the world. This is accomplished by being in harmony with the universe.

 Atlas of the Year offers some insight into this through the awareness of cross-cultural celebrations and spiritual practices based on knowledge of natural and cosmic cycles.

Some of what is presented here is distilled from a year – long art class that I began in 1990. Once a month you consider information about the month’s important occasions. Allowing the intuition to digest the information you engage in a visualization practice. From what you envision you create works of art that are empowered in the memory theater traditions of antiquity.

Exploring the wholeness of the year in this way brings integration and a sense of continuity for the next cycle, and about being in the right place at the right time. You bring excitement and meaning to your life when you know seasons will be similar but not the same.


Is this an astrology class?

No. The months are timed by the Zodiac as an example of one way humanity has divided time. The seasons are marked by the astrological calendar. There are references to astrological qualities in the material.

Is the class for any particular age or gender?

It is for any age and gender, whether you are older, retired and want to create a new map of direction, or a young person wanting to explore clues about what life might become for you.

What are the “Atlas of Maps” we create?

The maps are what you artistically create in words of pictures that serve to orient you to your purpose in the moment, to help you pursue the course of action that will be the vehicle to progress forward. There are three pages for each month provide in the journals for you to mark up, and you may create as many more artworks as you like to add to the journals.

Can we join this program at any time?

Yes, after the first run begins March 20, 2019.

Are you going to be teaching us art?

No, but there will be extra PDF’s about the basics of drawing, painting, collage. I teach individuals from my studio and online, contact me if you are interested.

Contact me, I’m happy to discuss your questions and comments.


Kathleen O’Brien has been a professional artist since 1968, a mother since 1977, shamanic practitioner since 1985, a certified practitioner of Transformational Healing since 1991. She began teaching the concepts of the 4 Seasons~4 Directions in 1990.

Sign up to recieve updates about the class! This list is separate from the Studio Updates list.

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