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Please watch episode #1901 of the Kentucky Life series, produced by Valerie Trimble, of Kentucky Educational Television (KET). The third segment of this episode is called A Transparent Nature. KET spent two days exploring my studio and gardens as well as documenting my creative work processes.


The Kentucky Arts Council  (KAC) is very supportive of the states artists, as can be seen on these pages:

As KAC’s featured artist in April 2013 KAC made a short video in my studio.

The Kentucky Peer Advisory Network: I am one of the arts professionals on the KPAN roster available to provide Consultancies to assist eligible organizations and artists with a full range of skills needed for the business of art. Consultancy fees are paid by the Kentucky Arts Council.

Connect to my page on Kentucky Arts Council Directory Page.

In recognition of artistic excellence,I am a recipient of a KAC Al Smith Fellowship Award.

Lexington Art League Archives

In my blog’s category “video” you’ll find links to Vimeo and other sites titled:

Full Circle Tour of Lilac Lane

Talismans Exhibit of Bead Jewelry & Artifacts

K O’B 5th Annual Open Studio

Birds of a Feather, Art by O’Brien & Patterson

Realms of Wonder at Rezny

Light of the Earth

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