My mission is to create tranquil art for trying times by expressing the visible and unseen realms of wonder.

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Kathleen O'Brien a short story about being an artist
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See Realms of Wonder, read my story, explore collections, find out about events and studio specials, shop for rare bead jewelry. Be entertained! Be my guest.

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Kathleen O'Brien bead jewelry portfolio
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Stay up to date on my blog, learn fun facts about studio life and Atlas of the Year online program, browse for a set of greeting cards or print for the perfect gift.

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 “All I can say Kathleen is that I wish we could hook your beautiful, amazing brain to a screen so I could “see” what goes on inside. Your art knocks me over every time I look at it and your writing never fails to educate, enlighten and entertain me.”

~ Candace Schweers, artisan