"Always Merry and Bright", tiny detail, Kathleen O'Brien

Welcome to Scene Below the Surface, Kathleen O’Brien Studio

Artist, Kathleen O’Brien combines abstract watercolors, drawing and botanicals into collages that appear dimensional and jewelry using antique, vintage and handmade beads.

Do you need to rest your eyes and soul on cheerful vibrant images that expand your imagination? You are invited to browse art that combines abstract watercolors, drawings and botanicals into collages that appear dimensional. Find delight in jewelry made from rare and unique beads.

Come explore. Begin your tour of the studio at Sunwise Farm and Sanctuary by seeing a slide show of the last Open Studio, read about studio activities, look at one of the many art portfolio pages or watch a video produced by Kentucky Educational Television.

  “This kind of layered meaning and symbol is something I’ve come to love and expect from Kathleen’s work, and is much of what keeps me coming back to the same pieces over and over again. Every single color choice, brush-stroke, botanical, found object, and shape is replete with many-tiered significance, making each piece a highly complex web of interconnected meanings. Ask her about any piece and she can begin to unravel its many threads, teasing out the various geometrical, astrological, mathematical, elemental, spiritual, and visual components. In other words, if you’ve ever wanted to get lost in a piece of artwork, seeing Realms of Wonder is the way to do it!”
Mariel Smith, Art Writer

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