Celebrating Mid-Winter, Studio Update, 2018 is the year I am celebrating my 50th year as an artist. I am grateful for the creativity still bubbling up from mystery. The snow days have provided long quiet days to proceed with the creative tasks at hand. I’d like to share what’s going on. This is another favorite time of year,  when we see the first signs of spring, Imbolc, Candlemas, Ground Hog Day!

The biggest focus as I write is preparing for the next Sunwise Open Studios Celebrations on February 10, I look forward to seeing you here.  I am so excited about new bead jewelry for the event. Some of the new designs are made with ancient beads, and there are Neolithic beads for show and tell.

Antique Tibetan Turquoise pendant and many antique varieties, a necklace by Kathleen O'Brien

©Antique Tibetan Turquoise pendant and many antique varieties, a necklace by Kathleen O’Brien

There will be many Valentine cards and small Valentines to choose from for your beloveds. As an introduction to the Let’s Make It classes, you may make some of your own in the studio. More on this below.

Valentine Card Set 2

©Valentine Card Set 2

Most of the studio production has been with the bead jewelry and putting the finishing touches of the Atlas of the Year collages and drawings – they are finished! I’ll be happy to show you here at the studio. This next month I’ll be finishing the writing components. Equinox is the target date for publication!

Before plunging into a new year, I like to clean up the old year’s files and generally look back in review. Here’s last year’s roundup: 2017 Review Kathleen O’Brien.

In this season just past I’ve exhibited in several art shows: The Book Transformed, at two venues, Berea Arts Council and St. Joseph Berea Hospital; Holiday Market and New Year, New Art, both exhibits at Community Art Center, Danville. The group Annual Open Studios ARTTOUR was a grand affair! Illustrated Word, the Kentucky Arts Council traveling show will be at these locations for the coming season: Jan. 10 – Feb. 21, Laurel County Public Library, March – April, Taylor County Public Library.

On our westward trip I visited an artist friend, Robert Bellows, and learned about his Warrior StoryField project. This year I am planning on writing more posts about Art Farms, like this one. Read to the end to see a video of his monumental iron sculptures.

Owl by Robert Bellows

Owl by Robert Bellows

A line from Atlas of the Year: I love winter for it’s inward nature. It gives me permission to be slow, imagine and invent rebirth, the way forward in this blessed life.

It’s personal, but I’d like to share my mandala, my referential change wheel of the year. I hope you can visualize yours. I want best changes for you, each day, creatively, happily. My change will be to awaken once again to the infinite creative energy available to express through me.This is my greatest privilege as a human.

2018 Mandala

©2018 Mandala, drawing by Kathleen O’Brien

I am here for you. My best offer is the studio, SOS, Share Our Studio. That’s the spirit behind Let’s Make IT classes. The studio location and vibration literally jump starts your process. Those who’ve partaken all comment on its abiding energies. It will be and feel casual! Mostly, must be FUN!

Contact me if you need or want to know more before I can put it all together or if want to bring your project to get support with.

Thank you for your continued interest and for reading. Please stay in touch!


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