The beads I used in the Valentine Studio Special date from ancient times like the Indo-Pacific Trade Wind beads in Talisman for GOAT. They are exquisite and irregular…made before the advent of machine-made beads. They embody history and the energy of human touch, having been traded through time from the far reaches of the world. Like the Venetian white heart beads from 1850 in Talisman for a Beautiful Day. They have intrinsic value, which makes them a worthy heirloom. Like Talisman for Passion and Talisman for Affection that have antique silver hears and stitching. I take great care in choosing and knotting them.  Sometimes I like to mix large and small beads, this was the case when making Talisman for Women. For the antique French snake beads not to knot is better, so the beads fit together as intended. Wear these talismans with confidence and appreciate the personal touch of time they hold—ancient, antique, vintage artifacts, like the plastic fruit basket and carved flower bone beads in Talisman for Abundance and modern handmade beads, like the little glass bird in Talisman for Songbirds. Each item comes wrapped in a Nepalese silk bag, with a Valentine’s card and free shipping in the continental US.

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