The first month of Alexander’s Library exhibit is flying by. Setting it up went smoothly because of great teamwork between gallery director, Doug Tattershall, my husband and I. In fact Greg said it was the easiest set up to date. It is one of the tasks of being on artist that I least enjoy. I try to organize as much as possible ahead of time to facilitate the process. Like thinking of how to order the flow of artwork. In this case, I felt strongly about a chronological flow. Since the show includes both art and artist books it felt important to illustrate how the seasons influenced, not only this series, but all my art in general.

KO'B tagging "State of Grace" paintings

KO’B tagging “State of Grace” paintings

For starters, it felt auspicious that the exhibit opened on Mid-Winter, Imbolc also known as Candlemas and St. Bridget Day. In Ireland it is the start of spring. As I wrote last month, it is also the time of celebrating some special family members.

Candlemas Imbolc

Candles for Imbolc, Candlemas

My youngest grandson participates in Imagination Library, thanks to Dolly Parton. He had just received this months book at the same time I sent him some Alexander Library stickers. In 3 year old cuteness he put them on the book right away. So when we came to set up, you can imagine how happy I was to see Dolly right across from the gallery wall. Though she looks like she has a fountain on her head and I look like I’d been through the tornado depicted in State of Grace, December 1-4.

Dolly and Me

Dolly and Me

The gallery wall is located between the circulation desk and the Children’s Library. Soon children were parading through to their story hour. A few stopped in their tracks to admire open mouthed and wide eyed. What a perfect compliment. It pleased me that library patrons were interested to find there were some out-of-the-ordinary books to browse.

First visitor, Vivien, to see "Alexander's Library"

Vivien was the first visitor to see Alexander’s Library

"Alexander's Library" - middle section

middle section with State of Grace, December 1-4 and Being in the State of Grace, and 7 winter season books

The following week my dear friend, and library volunteer from Rancho Palos Verdes, Noel was visiting. We took a tour of the show, then lunch.


Noel with Being in the State of Grace

Noel looking at "Murmurations"

Noel looking at Murmurations

KO'B with "Dragonfly"

KO’B with Dragonfly

"Alexander's Library" - all 30 feet

Alexander’s Library – all 30 feet

"Being In the State of Grace" section

right to left; October 4, Being In the State of Grace, and State of Grace 1

Stained glass window at Lexington Public Library, Eastside Branch

Stained glass window at Lexington Public Library, Eastside Branch

Lexington Public Library, Eastside Branch

Lexington Public Library, Eastside Branch

The exhibit is open through March. I would love to hear from you if you can experience it.