One small thing I can do is to offer Beads for Ukraine with proceeds going to Save the Children Ukraine. They are made of mostly antique “Christmas Beads”. Strung on elastic, they can be wrapped three times around the wrist or worn as a necklace. They are very limited in supply and can be acquired at the Spring Into Art Open Studio on April 23. On a side note, I’m offering a selection of art work as well for the cause.

Beads for Ukraine, by Kathleen O'Brien

Beads for Ukraine, by Kathleen O’Brien

Folks often ask me what “Christmas Beads” are. They are very small (1mm to 6mm diameter) Venetian & Czech glass beads which were primarily traded in Ghana in the late 1800s and early 1900s.  They come in  multi-colored long strands, very happy assortment and are often worn around the waist. In African traditions the color yellow signifies energy, joy and happiness. Blue represents loyalty and truth. I love that!

Beads for Ukraine, detail, by Kathleen O'Brien

detail, by Kathleen O’Brien

Truth is I never liked the yellow beads, so over the years I set aside the yellow ones, many with stripes of other colors. To make these Beads for Ukraine I went through and sorted out all the pure yellow ones, thrilled that I could put them to good use. Suddenly I loved yellow beads, but alas there in lies the limited supply. When you come to the studio ask me to show you my many strands of Christmas beads, and also “Talisman for Joy 7”, made from the may other colors.

Beads for Ukraine, detail, by Kathleen O'Brien

 detail, by Kathleen O’Brien

I have to admit that I already sold one to my friend Noel who was visiting from California. She allowed me to photograph her with her hand over her heart, as she felt strongly as a grandmother, to do what she could to help the children who are suffering in this terrible war.

Noel wearing Beads for Ukraine as a bracelet

Noel wearing them as a bracelet

Information about Beads for Ukraine, by Kathleen O'Brien

Information about the offer, by Kathleen O’Brien