Finding Purpose

 guest post~by Fox Hutt

Over the years the first person I think of to call with gardening question that will be answered from a holistic perspective is Fox Hutt. She kindly shares some of her philosophy here, and in a few weeks at the next Sunwise Celebrations event “Spiritual Gardening”.

“You and your purpose in life are the same thing. Your purpose is to be you.”

 ~George Alexiou

Being of like mind with Mr. Alexiou, I am glad that a good share of my purpose in this incarnation is being “me” while in my garden. A lovely rain shower just brought me in from my flowers and vegetables where I once again felt that wonderful deep sigh, that release that comes when I stand up from my work and look across my garden and pond at the radiant vital beauty around me, and know Satchitananda, which, in Sanskrit means “Awareness of Being is Bliss.”

Fox Hutt's garden overlooking the pond

Fox Hutt’s garden overlooking the pond

I highly recommend gardening; even if having that joyful experience is the only reason you do it. It is pretty addictive. Of course, don’t get me wrong, the fresh, organic food and pleasant exercise in the beautiful countryside is awfully nice, too.

Spirituality and gardening go hand and hand for me. Their harmony in my life is crucial to fulfilling my commitment to helping restore Mother Gaia’s health. I am pleased to be sharing my thoughts with you today on Earth Day (though it seems like honoring the source of everything we eat, breath, drink, and well…everything, should get more than a day, don’t you think?)

Fox Hutt's garden with fog and medicine wheel

Fox Hutt’s garden with fog and medicine wheel

In a few weeks, at Kathleen’s event “Celebrating Beltain”, I’ll be talking more about how I have integrated into my life’s purpose, and my very being, both spirituality and gardening. As I tell you about my experiences I’ll show you some photos of our garden and pond on our place in the country called Turtle Island Farm and Gardens.

If you’d like to read more about Fox’s spirituality, gardening, and fiber art, check out “Musings from Turtle Island” on her website,