The Great Return of the Light

Happy Solstice, it’s one of our favorite days when we celebrate the Great Return of the Light. I like to finish things up at this time, so I’m pleased to share my 2017 Review Kathleen O’Brien.

This morning at Newgrange Ireland the light of the sunrise shown down its long corridor to illuminate the spirals carved into the stone as it has for 5000 years. The Kachina spirit guides return to help us through this time.

Detail of "Ten, Atlas of the Year" by Kathleen O'Brien showing Newgrange and Kachinas

Detail of “Ten, Atlas of the Year” by Kathleen O’Brien showing Newgrange and Kachinas

"327, December 21" by Kathleen O'Brien from "Each Day in the Year of the Fire Dog", 2006

“327, December 21” by Kathleen O’Brien from “Each Day in the Year of the Fire Dog”, 2006

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