As a practitioner of Transformational Healing and Shamanic Healing for 25 years, I strive to always reference my heart chakra. It is my space where all things of essence can  enter from spirit and give me fundamental strength; soul force, vital energy, knowing, compassion, gratitude, joy. As I write this Kahiliapua, a lovely Kahuna comes to mind & I smile. She traveled tirelessly transmitting heart healing. There were many more wonderful indigenous teachers I had the honor of learning from, Grandfather Wallace Black Elk, Rolling Thunder, Brook Medicine Eagle, Allegra Ahlquist, Sandra Ingerman to name a few. One thing they all had in common were the teachings of the heart.

"Dawn Rattle", 1985, oil painted gourd, beadwork, feathers by Kathleen O'Brien

“Dawn Rattle”, 1985, oil painted gourd, beadwork, feathers by Kathleen O’Brien (photo; Jerry Downs)

I’m going to exhibit some of my beaded rattles at the Open Studio. This “Dawn Rattle” was inspired by healing I received from Mayan Shaman, Martin Prechtel to echo his teaching about filling your heart with “colors stolen from dawn”. Integrating experience through art is my practice. In my dictionary art is synonymous with healing. As you probably know a rattle is an audio tool played to clear negative energy. It mimics the sound of rain, cleansing.

"Talisman for the Heart", bead necklace by Kathleen O'Brien

“Talisman for the Heart”, bead necklace by Kathleen O’Brien

You will also see this “Talisman for the Heart”, with beads I chose that make my heart happy: Antique Lost Wax Ashanti Brass, Peking Glass 1800 AD, Venetian White Heart 1890 AD, Vintage Indian Silver, Afghan Jade, Afghan Carved Jade, Jade Animal Fetish, Antique Venetian Red Skunk Beads, Large Antique Christmas Beads, Antique African Sand Cast Bead, Antique Padre Beads, Antique African King Bead, Ghana-style Glass by Mark L. Roberts, Handmade Furnace Glass, Lampwork by Bonnie Blincoe, Antique Italian Glass, Contemporary Indian Glass, Chinese Millefiori, Swarovski Crystal, Seed, Buri Seed, KO’B Paper Bead, Ostrich Shell Heishi, Round Indian Bone, Coral, Shell Heishi, Fimo Bead, Porcelain Bead, Egyptian Faience, Round Indian Bone, Peyote Stitch Bead, Cloisonné.


Recently I adapted my Transformational Healing brochure into a PDF (see below), to more easily share about this potent heart-centered modality of healing, with a deep bow to my teacher, Elizabeth Frediani.

Transformational Healing Information