As I spend these first weeks of the new year planning my path forward, based on the solid foundation of the inner work done in December, I have to say, the central image and hope is my art world to be populated by people, in person – you.

For one thing, I am thrilled to be back to teaching. I’ll be setting up a platform for that, one that focuses is on “just ask me” for what you want to learn or know.

You’ll be able to pick from a big bag of choices from across my 50+ years of experience. Like drawing, painting, bead-work (many facets), collage, not to mention the topic of paper and mediums, and of course, the fundamental concern of beliefs and false beliefs that govern how you approach art making and what might stop you in your tracks. Believe me, I know a lot about these things and am so excited, willing, and able to help you proceed forward.

This goes back to the “Let’s Make It” idea of a few years ago. Yes, let’s make watercolor flowers, cards, drawings, memory collage, dolls, let’s make our own journal, let’s make animal totems, mobiles, you get the idea. Please tell me what you think in the contact form below!


© Kathleen O’Brien, “Self Portrait”, detail, drawing 2019