In this three part post, I’m sharing details of “Little Love Letters”, which is a series of 36 small paintings on paper in sizes 6×8” and smaller, each inspired by Realms of Wonder, be they plant, animal, human or elemental. “Little Love Letters” celebrates the joy of sharing positive messages, visual reminders to carry us through the dark half of the year.

“Little Love Letters” is the third in series of Love Letters. Each postcard begins with a stamp that conveys a meaning. From casual appreciation of the beauty of nature, to direct messages like “special delivery”, “letters lift spirits” to appreciation of people like Shakespeare and places like the Charter Oak, each is imbued with intention to send little visual blessings.”

“Little Love Letters” will be released Monday online, November 30, 2020 via this website and Instagram @kathleenobrienstudio. Early release to VIP subscribers for Small Business Saturday. Last day of the event is December 14, to allow for holiday shipping.

©Kathleen O'Brien, "Little Love Letters 01-04"

©Kathleen O’Brien, “Little Love Letters 01-04”, shares positive attributes of children’s garden, belonging, creativity, joy and fresh beginnings

©Kathleen O'Brien, "Little Love Letters 05-08"

©Kathleen O’Brien, “Little Love Letters 05-08”, shares attributes of Growth – communication, mentoring, flow and grace.

©Kathleen O'Brien, "Little Love Letters 09-12"

©Kathleen O’Brien, “Little Love Letters 09-12”, shares attributes of SkyLand – Cloud People, rain, calm, transformation.

While the pandemic is leaving behind a difficult memory of 2020, it has also come to show our collective need for love to overcome even the most difficult of circumstances. From re-imagining work/home life to finding ways to connect with each other while living in a social distancing world, we are pushing forward with faith and commitment to a better future.