Welcome to Mid-Autumn Studio Update! Whether you celebrate The Night of the Ancestors (Samhuin), Dias de la Muertos, Halloween, or all of them, Happy Mid-Autumn Celebrations!

Open Studio, Front Room of the studio Annex

Open Studio, Front Room of the studio Annex

The Annual Autumn Open Studio this year, sure was different! Spread over five afternoons, with 45-minute appointments of four people, it worked out very well. I’d like to continue to open by appointment because it allowed focused and personalized attention to each attendee. One visitor remarked that she felt better just being there. I was happy just seeing visitors! As a reminder to those who could not come, the Autumn Open Studio Sale page was live, so you could continue to purchase items. Now find the items on the Step into the Garden, Birds of a Feather, jewelry or greeting card pages for those pondering early Christmas Holiday gifts.

Open Studio,"Love Letters to Humanity",© Kathleen O'Brien

Open Studio,”Love Letters to Humanity”,© Kathleen O’Brien

This year’s theme is Art for the Home and Gifts from the Garden. On the Autumn Open Studio Sale page find new art from the spring and summer seasons. There are two Love Letter series, Madonna Lilies, Things that fly, like summer, Celebration in the Faery Garden, botanical greeting cards – some with seeds – and one of my favorites, new bead jewelry.

Celebration in the Faerie Garden, ©Kathleen O'Brien

Celebration in the Faerie Garden, ©Kathleen O’Brien

Art Throb Radio Hour

I was recently interviewed by Kate Savage, of Arts Connect and host of Lexington Art Throb Radio Hour. She asked me about my art and Open Studio. It’s 36 minutes, and you can listen by clicking the link. She kindly wrote;

“Even on a gray day a visit to Kathleen O’Brien’s Open Studio to see her artwork and jewelry will lift your spirits. She lives near Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill so the drive out would be a treat too. Her work is dreamy and thoughtful and her color palette is refreshing any day of the week. She was my guest last week on Arts Connect Art Throb Radio Hour on RadioLex 93.9 FM and if you missed it then, you can hear her talk about her work on the SoundCloud archive link .”

Art Throb logo

Art Throb logo

Meeting a virtual friend in real time.

My friend Monica and I met in a virtual writing class years ago. Then she signed up for the Atlas of the Year Program, and we continued to cultivate our friendship from afar. She has been living a very adventurous life since the spring, traveling with her husband. She was able to come for a few hours on their way south. We talked nonstop. She showed me her seasonal journals from the program that are a part of her art practice. It was very special and validating about the possibilities inherent in virtual relationship.

Monica showing her Atlas of the Year Journals, 10.22.20

Monica showing her Atlas of the Year Journals, 10.22.20

A look ahead

Here’s little secret I’m excited about: Little Love Letters is a series of several dozen small mail art works inspired by realms of wonder, be they plant, animal, human or elemental. They will be released in late November. I’ll be telling stories about them on Instagram and Facebook, (please follow me and leave your comments!)  so watch for them in your inbox if you subscribe to news. If not, and would like to know, please sign up!

some "Little Love Letters",© Kathleen O'Brien

some “Little Love Letters”,© Kathleen O’Brien