Greetings from the studio! For the current edition of Mid-Winter Studio Update that I send from MailChimp, I am doing it differently, by continuing the news here on the blog for those who do not subscribe to MailChimp. 

detail of "Talisman for Artists", collaged artifact with handmade beads by Kathleen O'Brien

detail of “Talisman for Artists”, collaged artifact with handmade beads by Kathleen O’Brien. The piece is 8 x 8 x 1″ , with copper leaf, watercolor, drawign, copper and beads.

It is hard to believe we have arrived at the mid point of Winter, life zooms, and there is so much NEW going on, as I am sure that is true for you. I would love to hear what is NEW for you.

I had a sudden realization that to better integrate and simplify my life, I could re-focus on what I’ve been talking about for years, that is, the 4 Seasons – 4 Directions. So my year plan is to coordinate shows, events and new products accordingly. Hopefully this will translate into more meaning and benefit for you as well.

One of the changes is the Sunwise Celebrations here at Sunwise Farm and Sanctuary will occur four times a year instead of eight. They will take place at the beginning of February, May, August and November.

The first event is in just a few days, so let me know if you can come:

"Feast of Brigit", detail of flyer for Sunwise Celebration by Kathleen O'Brien

“Feast of Brigit”, detail of flyer for Sunwise Celebration by Kathleen O’Brien. Each of the Sunwise Celebration flyers has information superimposed on a collaged drawing “Here Comes the Sun”.

Sunwise Celebrations ~ 4 Seasons of retreat to the land

February 7, 2015 from 1 ~ 4

Feast of  Brigit, also known as Imbolc and Candlemas this is a time of gradual increase of light, first signs of spring, and the time foals are born.We will celebrate this feast of motherhood and the young with a meditation after lighting candles from one lit from the perpetual fire at Kildare, Ireland.

We will make a St. Brigit’s cross to bless your hearth and home. You will also receive information about the season of Winter and the direction of North from cross-cultural perspectives.

detail of "Talisman for Chickadees", mixed media collage with artifact by Kathleen O'Brien

detail of “Talisman for Chickadees”, mixed media collage with artifact by Kathleen O’Brien. This piece is 20 x 20 x 1″, with drawing of Chickadees, and a tiny book with twig binding & mica.

“Talismans” – beaded jewelry and artifacts as power objects – is the next exhibit at MS Rezny Studio/Gallery.

The opening reception March 20, as part of the Lexington, KY Gallery Hop. I have many NEW items that still need to be photographed, darn it, I wish I could show you now! There is a lot on my blog about the beads you will see designed into the art.  I will send you an invitation in March.

Happy Valentines day, in advance, collage by Kathleen O'Brien

Happy Valentines day, in advance, collage by Kathleen O’Brien

Notice that I have a free valentine offer for new subscribers on the blog sidebar.

I’ve been busy working behind the scenes, there is more to come soon, including a new webpage about Transformational Healing, I hope by April. Read on for more news about publications and acquisitions.

"Stories In Stitches 4"-Cover detail, by Donna Druchunas

“Stories In Stitches 4”-Cover detail, by Donna Druchunas

I am honored to have two artworks (As Above, So Below and Tetrad) in “Stories In Stitches 4, Sacred Stitches” .  Click here to see the “Stories in Stitches” site.

A fellow Progress Lounge member, Donna Druchunas & co-author Ava Coleman write very unusual knitting books in volumes. In this volume 4, “Around the World: Knitting and Spirit” they say “you will find knitting patterns, charts, and tutorials. But you’ll also find the stories that go with each project. There are stories from yesterday and today, as well as stories from near and far away. These stories will bring a richness of connection and a sense of community to your knitting.”

It is a beautifully crafted book with tantalizing stories like “Knitting the Spirit”, “My Jungian Mandala”, “Knitting the World Together”. The way they weave the stories with the patterns, the most elegant I have ever seen, is unique.

"Poppy Poems 4-7" by Kathleen O'Brien on display.

“Poppy Poems 4-7″ by Kathleen O’Brien on display. Mixed media collage with beeswax, poppy petals, and pods, each 10 x 10 x 1”.

The Lucille Caudill Little Fine Arts Library, University of Kentucky has acquired “Poppy Poem 6” for their collection, I am honored.

Anyone who has visited my gardens in early spring has been dazzled by my salmon colored poppies. I carefully press the petals and dry some of the pods. The petals are the most challenging of all the botanicals I use in my collage. They are more delicate than tissue paper, yet not quite as difficult as gold or silver leaf to handle. For this series I sewed the pods onto the collage, and used beeswax for an encaustic effect.

Collage of jewelry by Kathleen O'Brien in "Handmade Jewelry Collections" article on Art Business Institute site

Collage of jewelry by Kathleen O’Brien in “Handmade Jewelry Collections” article on Art Business Institute site

I am thrilled to be featured, with 7 other jewelers, in article in “Handmade Jewelry Collections” in Art Business Institute magazine.

Each of the artisans has links to their sites. The ABI is helpful and supportive of artists, check it out!

"Gladiola garden", Mixed Media collage with watercolor & drawing, by Kathleen O'Brien, 36 x 28"

“Gladiola garden”, Mixed Media collage with watercolor & drawing, by Kathleen O’Brien, 36 x 28″

Currently until June “Gladiola Garden” is hanging in Kentucky  Lieutenant Governor, Crit Luallen’s office.

Lt. Gov. Luallen has always been a strong supporter of the arts, in fact, in the 1980’s she was the Commissioner for the Department of Arts. She continues to support and advocate for the arts. She has asked the Kentucky Arts Council to provide artwork for her new office and they were pleased to offer their assistance in this way. How fortunate we Kentucky artists are to have her and the KAC to provide us with opportunities to infiltrate and heal.

I sincerely hope that my art might serve our officials in a way that brings peace and justice to our system.

"Cardinal Bliss", collaged drawings with watercolor by Kathleen O'Brien

“Cardinal Bliss”, collaged drawings with watercolor by Kathleen O’Brien

In this post I wrote about some new art on Artebella. The site delivers Louisville Art and Inspiration to your Inbox daily.

Created by the Louisville Visual Art Association, Artebella is a website and daily email that features the work of a different Louisville area artist for sale each weekday.

"Talismans" by Kathleen O'Brien display at Mercer County Public Library

“Talismans” by Kathleen O’Brien display at Mercer County Public Library

“Talismans” will be on display at Mercer County Public Library, Harrodsburg, KY until February 5.


In closing , a friendly reminder that if you refer your friends to purchase my art I will make it worth your effort! I still offer payment plans which many of you have taken advantage of. Ask me how!

If there are any thoughts you would like to share I would love to hear from you!

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