It’s the kind of message all artists long to receive in the inbox, especially if it originated from the contact form on their website: “I have your pencil drawing from the Daily Camera in 1971 on my wall. I’d like to send you a photo for your enjoyment. You sold it to me for $5.00 back then!”

This was the delightful beginning of a rekindling of a long ago friendship with jeweler Dave Stine. We were co-founders of Boulder Arts and Crafts Co-Op. He collected my art, and I had a lovely moonstone ring. I’ve written before in 50th Year as an Artist series, about how back in the day, we didn’t take photos like we do today, and what little I have to show from the time is in slide form at best. Dave sent me this taken inside a glassed frame. I just smile to see the happiness I conveyed here, sprouting roots in my new home in Boulder. It was a happy time. I sold so many drawings and bead artifacts. But I had to correct him, this sold for $8, not $5.

"Boulder" 1971 drawing by Kathleen O'Brien, Dave Stine collection

“Boulder” 1971 drawing by Kathleen O’Brien, Dave Stine collection

I commented back: “Now it’s worth $230 at least by my current standard. Add it being irreplaceable + the best drawing of the era + the fact that you have cherished it for 50 years = in my opinion, is priceless.”

In this phase of my career I did hundreds of drawings, and to this day, they are the ones in some ways I think are the best. I often wonder if they are being enjoyed still after 50 years.

Dave wrote: “You asked me whether I think your work has improved? I think this piece from 1971 is one of the loveliest pieces I’ve seen and it’s been on my wall for over 50 years. Nothing else comes close.”

Here’s another post that has a few more drawings like this one from 50th Year as an Artist 1974-1976.

Anyone out there reading…..please send me photos of your collection!