Talisman for Protection


Knotted necklace 19” long. Dzi bead, Carnelian, Ancient Islamic glass, 500 AD, very rare, Peking Glass 1800 AD, Antique Naga Indian Carnelian, 1800 AD, Antique Venetian glass, Vintage Carved Cinnabar, Amber, Horn,  Antique Czech Kankamba, rare,  End of the Day bead, Painted wood bead, Antique Czech disc, Swarovski Crystal, Antique Carved Bone, Antique Hand Faceted Bohemian Glass, Ghana Glass, Bone, all pony beads are antique Venetian glass… to the best of my knowledge.


Talisman for Protection, necklace by Kathleen O'Brien

Talisman for Protection, necklace by Kathleen O’Brien


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