Sherry Hart is one of the most inspirational artists I have had the honor to know since the mid 1980s, through the Boulder Artist Gallery. Sherry Hart rocks! On a recent visit she shared her latest project 108 Prayers. It is a labor intensive project of not 108, but 1008 rocks painted with the labyrinth, by hand, no template! Anyone who has attempted to draw the labyrinth knows what a challenge it is. Sherry devotes painting as a meditaiton. A selection of 108 rocks was installed for an exhibit, Imaginary Maps, at McMane Gallery, First Congregation Church, 1129 Pine Street, Boulder, showing through September.

Sherry Hart with her installation.

Sherry Hart with her installation.

Sherry Hart's  installation "108 Prayers".

Sherry Hart’s installation “108 Prayers”.

sherry has always been very generous, so I was thrilled to recieve several of the rocks which I am inspired daily as I gaze at them on my studio windowsill shrine.

Two of my Sherry Hart's  "108 Prayers".

Two of my Sherry Hart’s “108 Prayers”.

For my birthday recently I hunted down gifts I had recieved for my 50th birthday. From my doll collection I retrieved the doll she fashioned from clay, a Gemini doll. Years ago she was painting lines. I love reading her reminders, persist, art saves lives….YES!

My shrine of Sherry Hart's  "108 Prayers" and a Gemini doll she made for my 50th birthday.

My shrine of Sherry Hart’s “108 Prayers” and a Gemini doll she made for my 50th birthday.

She recently sent this image of a gorgeous bead design. When I first met her we were both focused on beadwork. Mine was never as elaborate as this. Whenever I wonder if a project is worth the discipline it takes to complete a project requireing devotion and patience, I think of my friend Sherry.

© Sherry Hart,   "Karma Rinpoche Seal" , beadwork.

© Sherry Hart, “Karma Rinpoche Seal” , beadwork.