“Talisman for Clear Thinking” is perfect for my dear friend Fox Hutt. Her weaving studio, Lacetree Weaving, one facet of Turtle Island Enterprises, is installed in the new addition to their house. Over the years, she has been available to help me sort out my thinking because she is so objective, with heart. It is rare to have a friend who is in tandem about integrating spirituality, art and gardening. That is Fox! 

Fox Hutt with fabric baskets at Lacewing Studio

Fox Hutt with fabric baskets at Lacewing Studio

Her rainbow palette is so vibrant against the dark blue and black. It is easy to see how she is translating her spiritual practice of chakra work into her art, row by row and stitch by stitch. What it brings to mind for me are the teaching of the Whirling Rainbow of Jamie Sams, the promise of peace among all Nations and all people. Fox walks the talk of peace in all her endeavors.

Fox Hutt's Rainbow - Chakra table rugs

Fox Hutt’s Rainbow – Chakra table rugs

Fox Hutt's "Journey hOMe" wall hanging

Fox Hutt’s “Journey hOMe” wall hanging











Regarding the “Talisman for Clear Thinking”, Fox shared, “I am so thrilled with the piece, Kathleen. It was so much fun showing my husband all the beads and telling him the story. Having this talisman created by you prompted an insight into my own art: the realization of the joy and excitement of picking out a piece of art which means so much and is so beautiful. I hope to keep that feeling in mind when I create my own work, with the hope it might evoke such feelings in someone who eventually picks a piece of my work to have as their own.”

"Talisman for Clear Thinking", beaded necklace by Kathleen O'Brien

“Talisman for Clear Thinking”, beaded necklace by Kathleen O’Brien

All this blue makes me think of the Blueberry bushes she brought to me at the Open Studio. We traded several bushes for a fig tree, one of several Greg started from twigs. He was able to plant them that Sunday because it warmed up. Now winter is really settling in, Fox and I are both thankful for the rest from gardening, and the opportunity to delve into the spirituality of the season.

More about this next time!

"Talisman for ClearThinking", necklace bead ID by Kathleen O'Brien

“Talisman for Clear Thinking”, necklace bead ID by Kathleen O’Brien



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