My biggest pleasure is connecting a person with the art they need in their life. When I create something there is an inner knowing that it is for a certain person. This is my purpose as an artist, to bring happiness. I think happiness shows on the lovely Lauren Higdon‘s face. She chose “Talisman for Centering” for some  personal reasons, and some that make perfect sense. Like the fact that she is  the founder of Centered, Lexington Kentucky’ s Holistic Community Center, dedicated to inspiring, educating and supporting our world through the moving, visual and healing arts.

Lauren Higdon with "Talisman for Centering" in KO'B studio

Lauren Higdon with “Talisman for Centering” in KO’B studio

I have had the pleasure of her gentle peaceful friendship for several years. The first time she visited here for an Open Studio, she took advantage of walking the trails around our farm. She was so buoyed by the energy, she was doing somersaults in the field with her kids. She has no problem connecting with her inner child. When at work, her focus is to facilitate greater self awareness and release stagnation in the mind and body through the combined practice of breath work, yoga and bodywork.

"Talisman for Centering" , detail by Kathleen O'Brien

“Talisman for Centering” , detail by Kathleen O’Brien

She asked me to write some things about the Talisman that we discussed at this year’s Open Studio, when she found it, or it found her. This is my opinion, but I could guess that it appealed to her because, like her, it is so light. The small round Turquoise beads were embroidered around the antique Tibetan Turquoise onto brain tanned deer leather. It came from a deer who was hunted in a sacred way with prayers.  The hide was tanned the ancient way, with the brains of the animal. I know it sounds grisly, but, it is done out of an honoring to the animal to utilize all parts, not to waste it’s life. Since it is not adulterated with chemicals, it is ultra soft and very easy to sew into.

For the necklace I tore 1/2 inch strips of silk fabric and twisted two pieces together, forming a strong two-ply cord. It did need some weight so I added to lovely Ghana-style glass beads, made one at a time, by Mark L. Roberts from Frankfort Kentucky.

"Talisman for Centering" , ID information by Kathleen O'Brien

“Talisman for Centering” , ID information by Kathleen O’Brien

My dear friend, Linda went home with “Talisman for Fortune”. I hear she’s raking it in! Go, Linda, go!

"Talisman for Fortune", necklace by Kathleen O'Brien

“Talisman for Fortune”, necklace by Kathleen O’Brien

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