Sparked by a goal to show a collection on Artwork Archive of artist books created in the past year, I have uploaded many videos of Alexander’s Library books. I’m sharing this one, “Imbolc” done about a year ago, feeling the energy of the time, before time speeds forward into spring.

“Imbolc” is a 32 page artist book, 6.25 x 4.75 x .5″ with gouache, graphite, ink on grey text and tracing paper with a woven binding.

"Imbolc" artist book pages

“Imbolc” artist book pages

I am astounded about how long the process takes of filming on iPhone, then editing in InShot, then downloading to my PC, then uploading to Vimeo, then linking to Artwork Archive. (If anyone reading knows how to tutor me into a better method, please let me know!)

Meanwhile…even though not perfect, I am happy to have a good start to the Alexander’s Library collection being archived. It is a work in progress, but you can see the progress so far by clicking here. Open a piece to find the video that goes with it.

There are other artworks and collections on my Artwork Archive page. Adding all my artwork inventory is a very long term project, one that my advisors recommend for Legacy and Estate Planning.