Monday, it was time to install “Drawn to the Earth” at MS Rezny Studio/Gallery. Honestly, I like things that are well hung, but it’s not my favorite thing to hang an exhibit. Fortunately, I had expert help from my husband and Mary Rezny. It became simpler when we learned to mark a line at 60″ with a string, which became the midpoint for all the pieces, no matter their size. It also helps to have a scale model as a starting point.

Greg and I hanging two of Stan Brunn's poems for "Drawn to the Earth"

Greg and I hanging two of Stan Brunn’s poems for “Drawn to the Earth,” photo by Mary Rezny

Of course, hangers, hammers and drills were necessary. One essential tool is a level, so that as we proceed from one piece to the next, they are all relating in level manner. We laid out the art, leaving space for the poems, which were 13″ wide and added 1″ on either side. The math involved had us boggled at first, but soon a rhythm evolved.

A table of tools for installing art for "Drawn to the Earth"

A table of tools for installing art for “Drawn to the Earth”

The show is half-way finished in the picture below.

A few artworks and poems just hung for "Drawn to the Earth"

A few artworks and poems just hung for “Drawn to the Earth”

Mary is adept at putting vinyl titles on the wall, so once it’s on, it’s on – the finishing touch. Stan’s “The Vicarious World Traveler,” seen to the left in the picture below, is one of my favorites. Here’s an excerpt from Stan’s poem:

“Like the child in us,
we are instinctively adventurous
About places and spaces,
just plain curious.”

Mary Rezny installs the vinyl title for "Drawn to the Earth"

Mary Rezny installs the vinyl title for “Drawn to the Earth”

We decided to hang “Big Cloud, Silver Lining” in the front window, so the mica could reflect the sunlight. I normally do not hang art in a window, but for this short term location, it should be fine. Mary had printed and added the title and names to the panel. Soon after hanging it, a truck pulled up – perhaps drawn by the flashing mica?

Front window at MS Rezny Studio/Gallery for "Drawn to the Earth"

Front window at MS Rezny Studio/Gallery for “Drawn to the Earth”

We finished the cleanup just as our first visitor arrived. He mentioned that he was impressed with “the labor-intensive quality of the art and poems.” It’s gratifying to have instant and positive response for what I explained to him was one year’s work in the studio.

Just as we finished, we had the first visitor to "Drawn to the Earth"

Just as we finished, the first visitor arrived to see “Drawn to the Earth”

So you may now visit “Drawn to the Earth”

At the gallery, you can add your thoughts to the community journal, We Are All Geographers. In the journal, please share your words & pictures on the topic of “Where on Earth are YOU?” After the exhibit, a PDF of the journal will be emailed to all attendees.

If you can’t attend but want to add to the journal, email your words or images to me and I’ll include them.

"Where on Earth are you from?" journal & art supplies for "Drawn to the Earth"

The “Where on Earth are you from?” journal, plus art supplies used in “Drawn to the Earth”

Saturday events during the month:

April 16, 2016, 12:30 to 2pm — Stanley D. Brunn, Ph.D., geographer and geopoet, discusses his upcoming book, The Changing World Language Map.

April 23, 12:30 to 2pm — An afternoon tea and a special viewing, followed by a discussion of Art and Poetry as the intersection of science, art, and spirituality

Gallery hours: Tuesday – Friday, 11am – 4pm, Saturday noon – 3pm; and by appointment.

After the Reception on April 8th

After the reception, please linger for the Illumination Celebration, the lighting of the Oliver Lewis Way Bridge, public art by Christopher Weed on the Oliver Lewis Way Bridge!

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