The reason I created the “Little Love Letters” series was to offer small artworks with cheerful uplifting messages via stamp imagery, at affordable prices. Knowing that most people are thrilled when they receive a pleasant thing in the mail, it seemed like a logical choice for a theme during these stressful times.

For several months it occupied my forward momentum in the studio. When I have an engaging theme, it rolls smoothly, and I look forward to each next painting. I curated them into groups of four based on color and categories. The first group (“Little Love Letters 25 – 28”, shares attributes of Celebration – picnic, blessings, party, gathering) was done in early August, following the previous “Love Letters to Humanity” series.

"Little Love Letters 25-28" as they appeared on the studio wall for Open Studio

“Little Love Letters 25-28” as they appeared on the studio wall for Open Studio

At that point the idea was to have an exhibition called “FOUR”.  In preparation for Annual Autumn Open Studio I created “Love Letters to 4 seasons- 4 directions”, so I could make a card set, as I’ve done most years. Next came four SkyLands (“LLL 9-12”) using Sleeping Beauty Turquoise and Serpentine. Working on two large artworks occupied the rest of the time up until the open studio.

KOBrien Studio with "Little Love Letters 9-12"

KOBrien Studio with “Little Love Letters 9-12”

Time flies, I then focused on what to present for the holiday small art challenge. Encouraged by the sale of “Love Letter to SkyLand 2” it was fun to think of more in the theme of postcard love letters. To replace it, I painted another SkyLand one, “Little Love Letter 12”, which is why it’s the only of that four that has an engraved Czechoslovakian stamp of a butterfly.

©Kathleen O'Brien, "SkyLand 2"

©Kathleen O’Brien, “SkyLand 2”

From there it was easy to proceed by choosing the stamps that conveyed ideas of realms of wonder, be they plant, animal, human or elemental. It was a grand way to focus, and create 36 (40 if you count the 4 seasons set) for the series. I’m thrilled that so far 8 are flying off in directions from Canada to California. That is, after producing the certificates of authenticity, a special thank you card (using “LLL 36”) to make handwritten notes and wrapping with green tissue and brand stickers.

Certificates, thank yous and packaging for "Little Love Letters"

Certificates, thank yous and packaging for “Little Love Letters”

It means very much to my micro-size business to have your support. This year has been potentially paralyzing for artists. Few artists that I know enjoy being online and going the digital route in pursuit of sales. While the pandemic is leaving behind a difficult memory of 2020, it has also come to show our collective need for love to overcome even the most difficult of circumstances. From re-imagining work/home life to finding ways to connect with each other while living in a social distancing world, we are pushing forward with faith and commitment to a better future.

This event will be open only until December 14 so don’t delay! Customers are already appreciating the bonus videos that come with the purchase.

front & back of auspicious Yuletide days, detail from video

front & back of auspicious Yuletide days, detail from video


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