Beads of the Season is a new collection of rare bead  necklaces that come with bead ID tag, packaged in a recycled sari silk pouch. Whether worn on the body, or displayed on in your environment, these objects of beauty exude the energy of prayers for healing, good luck and protection. That’s why I am presenting them at this sacred Holiday time of gift sharing. Holiday Special part 2 opens on November 18.

Talisman for Autumn 2 by Kathleen O'Brien

“Talisman for Autumn 2” by Kathleen O’Brien

The jewelry, like the “Healing Necklace 20”, collages a variety of beads from across time –19th C. German Padre,  Venetian millefiori or 18th C. Dutch Annular or faceted Russian Blues, to contemporary Ghana-style lass by Mark L. Roberts. Each piece is unique with unusual qualities like a revolving earth in “Talisman for the 21st C”. Some of the necklaces feature new Czech handmade beads.

HolidaySpecial2Screenshot 2023-11-13

HolidaySpecial2Screenshot 2023-11-13

In an earlier post, I wrote about the Chakra Necklaces.  This is a series of monochromatic talismans, in chromatic scale, inspired by the seven main energy centers of the body, vortexes that connect the subtle energies and consciousness with the body.  Each necklace combines antique beads, symbolizing legacy of ancient knowledge, and contemporary Czech beads, symbolizing the current need for this knowledge.

The beads inspire my designs by color, material and shape. People feel empowered to wear these talismans and
value the human touch of history they contain.