Chakra Necklaces are a series of monochromatic talismans, in chromatic scale, inspired by the seven main energy centers of the body, vortexes that connect the subtle energies and consciousness with the body.  Each necklace combines antique beads, symbolizing legacy of ancient knowledge, and contemporary Czech beads, symbolizing the current need for this knowledge.

In the process of making these seven necklaces I recalled the way I have used the seven chakra colors and imbued affirmations into the manifesting process. The first thing I remember is a delicate drawing (with a 4H pencil) from 1971 of a person meditating with a rainbow above her head. “Cause the Rainbow” was the title. I can see it so vividly now and wish I had it or a photo of it. Maybe it’s perfect that I can still envision it now after all this time. Consider the power of art when produced with intention, God’s promise of peace. Funny, I just looked at my hand written record book, I sold it for $3 on December 13, 1971. No note about to whom. If anyone reading this, like Dave Stein, knows about the drawing please get back to me.


"The Chakras; a Monologue" by C. W. Leadbeater

“The Chakras; a Monologue” by C. W. Leadbeater


While studying Native American teachings I learned about the Rainbow Warriors. Wallace Black Elk spoke of them as all people of all colors, unity and peace. This artwork is my interpretation of achieving that. It is a set of prayer sticks with the chromatic colors, arrows made with a drawing pencil, a rainbow arrow with an old point, one with a paint brush, and slate markers. It has only been shown once as a part of an installation “Home of the Ancestors”. As far as I know, the first book about Chakras was “The Chakras; a Monograph” by C. W. Leadbeater (1966, The Theosophical Publishing House, Adya, Madras 20, India) which I studied at this time.

"Weapons" from Home of the Ancestors, by Kathleen O'Brien

“Weapons” from Home of the Ancestors, by Kathleen O’Brien


“Long Path to Peace”

This triptych oil painting and its mate “Vision on Haystack Mountain”, were created at the culmination of a long process of healing and integrating art practice into my life. In fact, I painted them at the time I studied chakras in depth at the Transformational Healing Institute in Boulder. Both are untold story illustrations. In “Long Path to Peace” I used a rainbow ribbon shape to symbolize energy returning to the land. My daughter called it “cosmic bacon”. The ribbon shape is one that continues to emerge in most paintings to this day, as do shadows. The phrases and affirmations for each of the necklaces came from the training at THI with Elizabeth Frediani.

"Long Path To Peace", oil triptych by Kathleen O'Brien

“Long Path To Peace”, oil triptych by Kathleen O’Brien. Spline hand made Ash frame with side panels angled to resemble a book by Richard Venberg.

"Long Path To Peace", middle panel of oil triptych by Kathleen O'Brien

“Long Path To Peace”, middle panel of oil triptych by Kathleen O’Brien


“Records of a Realized Being”

Much later when I had left the narcotic world of oil paints, I was wild about mixed media. For this one I imagined what the records of a realized being would look like. All I had to hand were rebar ties to connect each 3×4” acrylic painting. The connection of the rows represents the link between each level of wholeness towards enlightenment. Around the same time, as you can see in the photo, “Scattered Rain Showers” was born in watercolor, a light hearted zig zag of gratitude for rain in a dry time. My first grandson had this for his early bedroom decoration. “Book of Light pages 1-7” are a few of the more than 200 pages of this series. At the time it was unusual for art to be exhibited unframed. This sold at an Albuquerque gallery in 2003.

"Records of a Realized Being", mixed media collages by Kathleen O'Brien

“Records of a Realized Being”, mixed media collages by Kathleen O’Brien

"Scattered Rain Showers", mixed media collages by Kathleen O'Brien

“Scattered Rain Showers”, 3 of 6 mixed media collages by Kathleen O’Brien

"Book of Light, pages 1-7" mixed media collages by Kathleen O'Brien

“Book of Light, pages 1-7” mixed media collages by Kathleen O’Brien

Bead Demonstration

In conjunction with the Jazz Festival, I will be having a bead demonstration at the Visitor Center at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill on September 16. Come on by! Free admission thanks to Family Wealth Group. I’m going to bring new jewelry in addition to the Chakra necklaces, and some beads from my collection. The story of beads is the story of history and human’s desire for tiny treasures and adornment. For that event, and once I put them on the jewelry page here, there is a full description of the beads in each necklace.

Chakra Necklaces by Kathleen O'Brien

Chakra Necklaces by Kathleen O’Brien

Chakra Necklace 1, “I am secure within myself.” First Chakra issues are survival, security, sex, vitality, sense of the physical self, safety, instinctual knowing.

Chakra Necklace 2, “I like to feel connected.” Second Chakra issues are sexual relationships, nurturing, feelings that come through wanting to nurture and protect, connectedness energetically.

Chakra Necklace 3, “I accept myself.” Third Chakra issues are ability to assert oneself, the power that comes from being oneself, acceptance of self, needs, feelings, doubt.

Chakra Necklace 4, “I love myself and accept others.” Fourth Chakra issues are love, compassion, emotional acceptance of oneself, love and acceptance for others, soul force center, sorrow or grief.

Chakra Necklace 5, “I can allow myself to be.” Fifth Chakra issues are communication, expression, will, ease with oneself, control, allowing oneself, others and situations to be.

Chakra Necklace 6, “I trust my knowing.” Sixth Chakra issues are clear mental attitude, knowing on a spiritual level, calmness and security that comes for inner knowing.

Chakra Necklace 7, “I enjoy and accept my union with life.” Seventh Chakra issues are openness on a spiritual level, connectedness with the Oneness, surrender, self-realization.

KO'B wearing Chakra Necklace 2

KO’B wearing Chakra Necklace 2