Grace Cafe, a pay-what-you-can Community Restaurant

We’re so excited that Grace Café, located at 219 S. 4th Street in Danville KY, is now open. It is a nonprofit, pay-what-you-can community restaurant committed to serving delicious, fresh, locally-sourced, organic-when-possible, highly-nutritious food for everyone in our community. We were invited to their soft opening last week, it was fabulous.  Executive director, Rochelle Bayless is a woman of vision and dedication. Speaking of vision, her husband Nick Lacy is an exceptional photographer, who has curated the first art exhibit there. I am proud to be showing my art in such a sweet location.

Grace Cafe, Rochelle Bayless, executive director

Rochelle Bayless, executive director of Grace Cafe

The first of its kind in Kentucky, Grace Café  provides menus prepared with local, seasonal options, funded by donations, and fundraising. If a guest is unable to pay for their meal, volunteer work hours may be exchanged for meals.

Based on the established nonprofit restaurant business model developed by the One World Everybody Eats Foundation (OWEE), Grace Café is unique in the lack of a set menu as well as set prices. Instead of a cash register, a donation system is available for patrons to pay what they feel their meal is worth.

Grace Cafe, order here

Grace Cafe, order here

Their philosophy is that everyone, regardless of economic status, deserves the chance to eat healthy food while being treated with dignity. Food will be paid for at market prices and donations of first-rate, locally grown produce and other foods will be accepted. It makes me happy that I can share my surplus of herbs, tomatoes and figs with the kitchen.

Grace Cafe, how it works, beverage area

Grace Cafe, how it works, beverage area

I love what they say:

If your pockets are full, pay a bit more.

If your pockets are light, pay what you can.

If your pockets are empty, please enjoy a delicious meal in exchange for an hour of volunteer time.

Grace Cafe, Brandon Long's piece over the fireplace

Grace Cafe, Brandon Long’s piece over the fireplace

Grace Cafe, dining area with art by Nick Lacy and Rochelle Bayless & office

Grace Cafe, dining area & office

Grace Cafe, Kathleen O'Brien's "Talismans for Air"

Grace Cafe, Kathleen O’Brien’s “Talismans for Air”

Grace Cafe, Kathleen O'Brien's "Talismans for Earth, Water and Fire"

Grace Cafe, Kathleen O’Brien’s “Talismans for Earth, Water and Fire”

Grace Cafe, kids' corner

Grace Cafe, kids’ corner

Grace Cafe, Kathleen O'Brien with Talismans in the distance

Grace Cafe, Kathleen O’Brien with Talismans in the distance

Currently, there are more than 52 community cafés operating in the US and abroad. What an exceptional idea for our times.

Here is their contact information: Grace Café, Inc. | P.O. Box 2384 | Danville, KY 40423-2384
860.301.2043 |

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