One of my mottoes continues to be “infiltrate and heal”. To explain a bit, what I mean is that I firmly believe that art heals, by its very nature and existence. I say to students and art lovers, consider the power of art. And I am talking about live art, in person. It’s presence is a necessity, not a luxury in everyone’s life. It is especially needed where it can exude an influence.

"Gladiola garden", Mixed Media collage with watercolor & drawing, by Kathleen O'Brien, 36 x 28"

“Gladiola Garden”, Mixed Media collage with watercolor & drawing, by Kathleen O’Brien, 36 x 28″

Currently until June “Gladiola Garden” is hanging in Kentucky  Lieutenant Governor, Crit Luallen’s office. Lt. Gov. Luallen has always been a strong supporter of the arts, and in fact, in the 1980’s she was the Commissioner for the Department of Arts. She continues to support and advocate for the arts. She has asked the Kentucky Arts Council to provide artwork for her new office and they were pleased to offer their assistance in this way. How fortunate we Kentucky artists are to have her and the KAC to provide us with opportunities to infiltrate and heal.

I sincerely hope that my art might serve our officials in a way that brings peace and justice to our system.

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