The time change happened early, it’s still winter, sort of. Its a rare sunny day but the air is cool, spring sensations, sort of. It’s more like indicators of liminal space. What do I do on the last week before my efforts and work of the past two years are presented in the world?

Because of my “ahead of time” tendencies, most every thing is staged for the advent of the double pronged event; the official debut of Atlas of the Year artworks and its companion, Atlas of the Year online program.

I choose to sit in the sun and write these words in longhand using my favorite fountain pen, because I yearn to be in the sun. The time is right to write, I need to savor how daunting liminal space can be. Being neither here nor there, I choose to listen. Bob White Quail, Bluebirds, Robin, Red-winged blackbirds, so many different songs I can’t identify but want to learn.

Perhaps now that the art is complete and hanging on display I will create a series of birds, or I could sign up for the Atlas of the Year program, or make those candy box assemblages residing in my imagination, or design a playing cards set with a golden rectangle motif. Trusting that I will be divinely supported I put fear aside and listen so I might be in the right place at the right time in the moment of potent, perfect, exact balance and begin the journey again, March 20, Vernal Equinox.

Meanwhile, Kimber Gray from the Carnegie Institute of Literacy and Learning sent me this message: “I just saw some sweet young ladies upstairs looking at your beautiful artworks. They’re writing surrealistic poems for their creative writing class this evening based on the images they see in the collages. I couldn’t resist snapping photos of them on my smartphone.”

About Atlas of the Year online program

This is the place where you can expand your awareness of being present in the moment so you may utilize ambient energies to fulfill your creative desires and potential.

Whether it’s knowing about cycles, traditional celebrations, cosmic influences, cross-cultural similarities, or finding your place on the medicine wheel; and whether you express what you sense through words, imagery or musical notes, here’s the place to discover useful ideas about the seasons and directions.

This is the time to create a container, an atlas of maps, to manifest your own meaningful rituals, prayers and creative marks. Your maps represent your understanding of your orientation to your stage in life, time and place, whether you are 30 or 70.

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