Atlas of the Year continues to be my central focus. I am thrilled to announce next spring’s online class – read all the details on this page. Much is involved with creating all the components, I work steadily on producing the content and extras, ideas that will bring more meaning and celebration into your daily life.

Sunwise First Harvest Open Studio

Sunwise First Harvest Open Studio

The next Open Studio on August 4 will have a different focus, as we launch Sunwise Solarium School. We invite you to the First Harvest, Lughnasa event. Art supplies will be provided for you to write or draw from something that inspires you in the garden. Create on the porch or in the studio. Additionally, there will be some new art and jewelry and we will tell you about our work-study plans for sustainable building with Cem-Po .

People have been coming to the studio for Let’s Make It classes. It’s been casual, (no big promotion) the procedure simple; call me we’ll set a time to explore together.

Turning 70 in June was celebratory, not scary. The other milestone, 50 years as an artist has been an important occasion to continue to write about. So far I’ve published 14 posts, I’m up to 1997. It’s been gratifying to gather together memories of what I have accomplished. If you are interested, you can search the blog in the “retrospective” category.

Building a Community of Artist Entrepreneurs

It is an honor to be one of five artists selected by Arts Commission of Danville/Boyle County, for their project, Building a Community of Artist Entrepreneurs. The project will create five teams of mentor artists and apprentices, cultivating relationships that will inspire students to develop their craft and experience the business side the professional art world. It is sponsored by The Jennifer Lawrence Foundation, and LG&E and KU Foundation.

The selected artists have demonstrated success in marketing and promoting their work. Five students will be selected who are diverse and have demonstrated through portfolio development and recommendation a desire and the work ethic to pursue an art career.

The program will include a minimum of twelve activities over a six month period. Activities include working within the artistic discipline, meetings with full collaborative group and field experiences. Group meetings will include work in social media and community relations. Field experiences will include trips throughout Kentucky to study programs and businesses where the quality of craft is exceptional and marketable, reinforcing the business of art.

In addition, apprentices will be given the opportunity to participate in the Arts Commission’s November (2019) Gallery Hop, providing real-time experience in marketing and sales, as well as the opportunity to meet and interact with the art buying public.

This mentor – apprentice opportunity will foster connections between artists, students and the community and provide the students with the skills needed to pursue careers in the arts. I’m really excited!

A Gift and More News

I just finished an ebook as a gift for subscribers to my occasional studio announcement and mid-season studio updates, Mapping the Soul; a few navigational tips. It’s a short piece with a few ideas to prompt your creative drive. If you are interested, see the top of the sidebar to sign up.

The Feeling Blue exhibit at The Community Gallery at the Pam Miller Downtown Arts Center, Lexington, Kentucky was a big success for all the artists. I sold two artworks, always a rewarding feeling.

Blue Planet Closeup, River, Ocean, collage by Kathleen O'Brien, 7.5x7.5"

Blue Planet Closeup, River, Ocean, collage by Kathleen O’Brien, 7.5×7.5″

Blue Planet Closeup, Long Path, collage by Kathleen O'Brien, 7.5x7.5"

Blue Planet Closeup, Long Path, collage by Kathleen O’Brien, 7.5×7.5″

Also sold 4 Seasons-Summer, Morning Glory at the governors’ Derby Day celebration. Seems like blue is the color people want in their lives. That’s nice for me, it’s my favorite color.

© Kathleen O'Brien, "4 Seasons-Summer, Morning Glory", watercolor, drawing, collage, 8x8"

© Kathleen O’Brien, “4 Seasons-Summer, Morning Glory”, watercolor, drawing, collage, 8×8″

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