Luckily we enjoy preparing for our big event of the year – Annual Open Studios ARTTOUR – here at Sunwise Farm and Sanctuary, especially when the weather is as superlative as it has been. That’s because there are just so many items on the list that we can do outside! First and foremost for me is producing the best art I can so you can see the very latest from the studio.

Kathleen O'Brien, "Talisman for the Heart", necklace with many antique, vintage & handmade beads

Kathleen O’Brien, “Talisman for the Heart”, necklace with many antique, vintage & handmade beads

A secret confession is that I  love to do this work outside when the weather is so perfect as of late. I still love doing drawing and collage on paper, but beads don’t blow away. I see these talismans as 3-D collage. See below for the list of beads in Talisman for the Heart. Also outside we are getting the bread oven ready, putting part of our garden to bed so it looks nice in November (though there are still zucchini out there).

Happily outside I put together a little gift for you when you come to ARTTOUR.

Apricot Blush Zinnias & Volunteer Cantaloupes from Sunwise Farm & Sanctuary

Apricot Blush Zinnias & Volunteer Cantaloupes from Sunwise Farm & Sanctuary

What else? Greg is keeping the paths mowed so you can take a walk through field or forest – Honeysuckle Haven is great any time of the year. Soon we’ll get our panels installed to set up the displays. I will have the little bird coloring books printed for kids of all ages. Stay tuned for more updates!

Kathleen O'Brien Studio seen from Haven trial, Corgi leading the way

Kathleen O’Brien Studio seen from Haven trail, Corgi leading the way

Beads in Talisman for the Heart: 

Antique Lost Wax Ashanti Brass,  Vintage Indian Silver, Afghan Jade, Afghan Carved Jade, Jade Animal Fetish, Antique Venetian Red Skunk Beads, Large Antique Christmas Beads, Antique African Sand Cast Bead, Antique Padre Beads, Antique African King Bead, Ghana-style Glass by Mark L. Roberts, Handmade Furnace Glass, Lampwork by Bonnie Blincoe, Antique Italian Glass, Contemporary Indian Glass, Chinese Millefiori, Swarovski Crystal, Peking Glass 1800 AD, Seed, Buri Seed, KO’B Paper Bead, Ostrich Shell Heishi, Round Indian Bone, Coral, Shell Heishi, Fimo Bead, Porcelain Bead, Egyptian Faience, Round Indian Bone, Venetian White Heart 1890 AD, Peyote Stitch Bead, Cloisonné, Deer Leather,



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