Color Book Class


Color Book Class, February 10, from 10 am – 3 pm. Bring your watercolor paints, pencils, and brushes to Kathleen O’Brien Studio for a fun-filled, fascinating day to explore your colors. Lunch is provided. Class is limited to 6 people.

I provide a 16-page handmade journal, with Arches Cover paper, to use as a playground. You will begin to fill the journal with charts of your colors. Whether a journey into a work of art, when you observe and decide how to interpret a scene with a color choice and make notes of it to aid in future use, or over time you may use the book as a Memory Theater of a day or a trip to depict activities and things seen along the way. This way of journaling results in a tangible visual account of a life well lived in color.

See photos and details on this PDF. “Add to Cart” to register by January 16. Directions to the studio are sent upon registration.


Color Book Class, empty book, charts, supplies

Color Book Class, empty book, charts, supplies


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