Talisman for Safe Journey


22.5 inch necklace with Sterling Chain, Sterling Charms, Metal Charms, Vintage Indian Silver Charm, Antique Indian Silver Charm, Chinese Open Brass Bead, Silver Bead, Jade, Aventurine, Denim Lapis Lazuli, Ghana-style Glass by Mark L. Roberts, Vintage Italian Glass, Contemporary Indian Glass, Chinese Millefiori, Swarovski Crystal, Antique Padre Beads, Lampwork by Bonnie Blincoe, Venetian White Heart 1890 AD, Shell Heishi, Coral, Pearl, Round Indian Bone…to the best of my knowledge…


"Talisman for Safe Journey" necklace by Kathleen O'Brien

“Talisman for Safe Journey” necklace by Kathleen O’Brien


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