October 4


The series “October” began with a free flow of writing messages. Some written in black ink, the color I associate with the autumn/west season/direction and some in white china marker, invisible until painted over. The moments I experienced felt chaotic at the beginning of the month. For the next step of painting, I challenged myself to use a new limited palette of 3 primary colors Quinacridone Red, Cadmium Yellow Lemon and Windsor Blue), the third palette of the year. The process of layering these new colors, experiencing the blending of countless shades, tones and hues became completely soothing. The three universal signs of the universe were added to connote perfection of the moments. It was a peaceful activity that captivated me even though preparations for the upcoming open studio were recalling to be carried out. This is why I paint, to arrive at the center of bliss. As “October” progressed I noticed the changing patterns of bird migrations, depicted in silhouette, flying to the next season. This series of four watercolors with collage will be released to the public on November 6.

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"October 4", watercolor, collage by Kathleen O'Brien

“October 4”, watercolor, collage by Kathleen O’Brien


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