I’ve been trying to think of how to make my current art project sexy, or at the very least, humorous.

It is S L O W  W O R K, at times mind scrambling and dumbing to surroundings beyond a computer screen. Butt numbing also. Yet.

Once in a rhythm, A N D since I have P L E N T  Y of art folders to plow through to mine the treasures of a life time,  it does become slightly reminiscent of romance. It’s the wonder of it, if I can get past self-criticism and/or resist being distracted by my wide-ranging curiosity and longing for variety.

Artwork Archive

To date 115 “pieces” have been entered. Working backwards I’ve completed 2 years. It’s so exciting to make notation of where my art ends up; available, in the hands of a beloved collector, or carefully hoarded by me in the studio. With this platform I can divide art into a personal viewing room for a particular person along with any information needed, like the resume. In Artwork Archive I can also find a few special eBooks I’ve made to share with customers, like Valentine in July Garden Tour or Mapping the Soul, Navigational Tips for Creativity by email, post or phone.

Artwork Archive Profile page of Kathleen O'Brien

Artwork Archive Profile page of Kathleen O’Brien

Yes! Everything is in one place for ease of doing business. To stay more easily in contact directly, rather than using social media. And mostly, as the art form of creating L E G A C Y that I have challenged myself with. Me being slower with this slow work, I need to keep it fun, and keep moving. I devote several hours a day to archiving.

Artwork Archive collections  page of Kathleen O'Brien

Artwork Archive collections page of Kathleen O’Brien

So, if it seems like I’m vacant in my practice, it simply takes a different form for a while. A new series that will be broadcast later is coming along. Also, for the past month I have indulged myself to create 50 collages, in a Golden Rectangle proportion. The freedom to tear paper from magazines, using images of longing and belonging to heart’s content, removing the focus S E L L adds up to a refreshing spring retreat to celebrate my birthday.

For fun I put the collages into a slide show, uploaded it to Vimeo, downloaded to Artwork Archive, so I can send it to my valued collectors, just for them. Will you get one?

50 collages  by Kathleen O'Brien

50 collages by Kathleen O’Brien