Secrets from the Studio

I’m getting ready to reveal secrets I’ve been developing in the studio this summer, just waiting for the right time.

Processing bushels and pecks of tomatoes (a la Grandma) gives me time out to think about how that revelation could look. Meanwhile, I want to share a secret way to process those tomatoes, learned from my mother in law.

It made all the difference between wanting to can tomatoes and giving them all away and/or letting the deer eat them all. Someone in our family (?) seems to think we are large scale and plants so many.

Secrets; More and more tomatoes to can

More and more tomatoes to can


One may simply sterilize the glass canning jars in the oven at 250 degrees for 10 minutes, take one out at time, fill with very hot tomato sauce and place the new sterile lid on. It literally takes a couple of minutes to be done. Of course, cooking the tomatoes down takes a few hours, but they are on their own on the stove. This suits my lazy garden loving self.

Meanwhile, our compost was producing a little secret for us, and produced the most delicious cantaloupe volunteers. I’m going this route every year, as efforts to intentionally grown them have failed. Yes, those seeds are going into the compost bin.

Secrets; cantaloupes, whole, cut and seeds to save

cantaloupes, whole, cut and seeds to save

August is a wonderful time of retreat for me. I have recommitted to my spiritual practice of Shamanic Journey Work. Since June I’ve been journaling weekly on prompts from Cigdem Kobu’s A Year with Myself. 

Secrets; Altar in August Light

Altar in August Light


And I love to share my glorious porch enclosed with cooling Morning Glories for events like this week’s Bead Party, part of Sunwise Celebrations. I hope to see you here soon.

Secrets; Heading for the Morning Glory Porch

Heading for the Morning Glory Porch

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