Last weekend was the time to take down our Morning Glory Wall on the east side of the porch. It is always a shock, first to say good bye to some of my favorite flowers, and the feeling of shelter they provide, second to experience how much light comes into the house, light that is welcome this time of year. We balance that shock by decorating the outdoors with beads of all sizes, beads in surprise places, fun preparations for the Open Studio, fun things for you to see and find.

Years ago Greg cut this Mercury Hubcap out of its rim for me. Then he drilled the holes. It had been used in hangings in different ways. This time I made a mandala to represent so much of what we teach here – 4 seasons, 4 directions. The beads in the cardinal directions use the traditional Indigenous colors; white, north (these beads are ancient, maybe prehistoric hand carved stone), red, south (these beads are white hearts & a pipestone), east, yellow, west, black (these beads are pearl). For the Cross quarter times of Beltane, Lughnasa, Samhuin (the exact time of our Open Studio!) & Imbolc, the beads form a triangular point. Mercury has many layers of meaning, I’ll go into that another time.

"Mercury Mandala Shield" by Kathleen O'Brien

“Mercury Mandala Shield” by Kathleen O’Brien

When I realized some beach rocks we found on Honeymoon Island were officially beads, because they have holes, I made one into a mobile using some large Ghana-style glass beads by Mark Roberts, some paper ones I made from book pages, heavy cord Collis gave me, knotted, and a Hawk feather Greg found on a walk.

"Beach Bead Mobile" by Kathleen O'Brien

“Beach Bead Mobile” by Kathleen O’Brien

The SuperColliderConductor, which welcomes visitors on the curve of the driveway, and spins at light speed (kidding, of course) had broken. So that was the next sculpture to hang. We always like to think of it as the gateway to the trail of the magical forest, Honeysuckle Haven – we hope you get to see it.

"SuperColliderConductor" mobile by Kathleen O'Brien & Greg Orth

“SuperColliderConductor” mobile by Kathleen O’Brien & Greg Orth

And if you do venture back there, see if you can find 3 small beaded mobiles, it’s subtle, but the Corgis will help, it’s one of their special places. Some of those beads are heavy clunky ones I made in 1968! Having our trails available for you to walk on to explore forest and field is something we enjoy sharing with people who do not have much access to nature. Nature renews our soul and spirit.

"Bead Mobile at Honeysuckle Haven" by Kathleen O'Brien

“Bead Mobile at Honeysuckle Haven” by Kathleen O’Brien

Please let me know if you want me to send you a map in the mail, and let me know if you can come.


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