Despite an unseasonable snow storm, the turnout for the 6th Annual Open Studio ARTTOUR was wonderful. Thank you all for coming to my and the other studios. There was a steady stream of tourists, a validation of the need for art events in rural areas. As promised, I made a short video that you can see on the event page. It was shot in haste Friday evening just as the sun was setting, the only sun beam we saw that day. It took longer than usual to set up.

"Talisman for Fun", bracelet by Kathleen O'Brien

“Talisman for Fun”, bracelet by Kathleen O’Brien

There were  quite a few bead Talismans and collages that left with happy customers. One who bought “Talisman for Fun”  said she could wear it everyday because it makes her so happy. That makes me so happy. The same customer bought “Talisman for Artisans”, even though she said she is not an artisan – no matter, perhaps she will become one. Scroll down to the bottom to see the identity tag that went with this one. The ID tags were a big hit because they helped explain how special the beads are.

"Talisman for Artisans", necklace by Kathleen O'Brien

“Talisman for Artisans”, necklace by Kathleen O’Brien

One darling visitor enjoyed coloring in the bird coloring book, and walking to see Greg’s gargoyle mobiles, the super-collider-conductor, and swing on the tractor seat swing. I heard comments like, “they always have the best food” – we’re so glad you liked the fig-olive crisps.

"Talisman for Artisans" ID tag by Kathleen O'Brien

“Talisman for Artisans” ID tag by Kathleen O’Brien

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