New for ARTTOUR, Part 2

Just when I thought I had produced everything for the Annual Open Studios ARTTOUR a stampede of inspiration galloped in, culminating in 52 new artworks. I’m so in love with my Japanese watercolors, and when the Indian Summer provides perfect creativity conditions (no wind! not too hot! gentle sun!) to paint outdoors I will think of any good project to do outside.

The first idea was “15 paintings”, eleven small mosaic collages made up of fifteen tiny paintings. They are so affordable, ranging from $29 – $215, so check the new art page, Watercolor Collages.

"15 Paintings 06", watercolor collage,5x3" by Kathleen O'Brien

“15 Paintings 06″, watercolor collage, 5×3” by Kathleen O’Brien

Focusing on such a small realm of beauty was profoundly soothing and relaxing. So I painted more and created the next series of fourteen watercolor collages, just 3×3″, called “9 Paintings”. It was difficult to choose which one to show here, I love them all.

"09 Paintings 08", watercolor collage, 3x3" by Kathleen O'Brien

“09 Paintings 08″, watercolor collage, 3×3” by Kathleen O’Brien

The “Bouquet” series of 27  have their own art page you can see by clicking here.

"Bouquet 21", watercolor by Kathleen O'Brien, 4.5x6"

“Bouquet 21″, watercolor by Kathleen O’Brien, 4.5×6”

I wanted to have a special for ARTTOUR, and came up with the idea to pair my new notebooks with a mug, and throw in a pot’s worth of San Francisco Dark Italian coffee beans. It’s a perfect gift for your loved ones who love to journal early in the morning.

Orange Bellied Parrot & Autumn Light Notebook+Mug & coffee sets by Kathleen O'Brien

Orange Bellied Parrot & Autumn Light Notebook+Mug & coffee sets by Kathleen O’Brien

I have  a funny feeling that there are more offers and specials up my sleeve and hopefully you will be surprised when you come on November 4 or 5. And if you can’t come on those days, you can choose your art from the new art pages.

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