Recurring Image

All month I’ve been allowing myself to explore new directions using new materials. Sometimes I judge myself for having scattered imagery. The analyzer in me likes to know what I’m doing, like, why choose these shapes, these colors, does it follow the track I’ve been on, should it follow? When I see a consistency, even if subtle and might not have an overall appearance of being related, I confirm to myself that I in fact do know what I’m doing. I need visual proof.

I was rather stunned to see right before my eyes this triptych oil from 1990 that has what I call ribbons coming down from above. It is a recurring image that is freighted with meaning, and so almost automatic in my mark scribing that I take it for granted. They represent a celebratory sense of opportunity, of party, of constant available energy, of prayers answered.

Boulder Valley From Haystack Mt.,, oil Triptych 1990, Ribbon detail by Kathleen O'Brien

Boulder Valley From Haystack Mt.,, oil Triptych 1990, ribbon detail by Kathleen O’Brien

After finding this small detail of the triptych mate, “Long Path to Peace”, I sectioned off areas of my latest watercolor landscapes that illustrate this point.

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